Meet the Team

Salome Jordano, Local Distribution Manager, Kenya

Role – Responsible for the screening of Lisilojulikana (The Unknown), creating positive awareness around disabilities, and producing comprehensive reports on the impact of PFP’s films.
Experience – Salome has worked as a curriculum support officer in charge of special education in Nairobi and as director at Grand Amour School for Special needs children.
Reason for joining PFP – I am passionate about helping children with special needs and saw PFP as a way of helping break down stigmas surrounding these. PFP also allows opportunities for me to reach out to more parents with special needs children not only in Nairobi but in all parts of the country in order to strive towards Kenya being a special needs aware nation.

Alfred Mtapaonga, Local Distribution Manager, Malawi

Role – Responsible for film distribution in Malawi. This includes organising community screenings, preparing budgets and mobilising communities to attend and understand the various social issues raised by the film.
Experience – Alfred has worked as a local distribution manager, preparing and submitting reports for every screening conducted, measuring the reach and impact the films have on local communities.
Reason for joining PFP – I am passionate about PFP’s involvement in Malawi and wish to see them have a permanent office here one day, working on a daily basis to introduce projects which will help people to address social issues.

Patiel Mizeck, Video Producer & Local Training Facilitator, Malawi

Role – Responsible for the training and development of the Kasungu Film Collective which includes video production and camera operating.
Experience – I have experience in video production, camera operating and have also produced content as a graphic designer for many years previously.
Reason for joining PFP – I wanted to work with PFP as they strongly believe in helping develop local Malawian filmmakers to create films and share our important stories to help people most in need.

Celinda Ravelo, Administrator & UK Office Manager

Role – Responsible for the day to day operations of the charity and support to all the trustees. The role also involves assisting with fundraising activities and being the first point of contact for supporters which luckily means having supporters pop in to visit our Ilminster based office every now and then. 
Experience – I have experience in social media management, internal web platform design, content creation, customer relations, and lettings negotiation management.
Reason for joining PFP – After recently having a baby, my outlook on life changed. I am so happy to have a job with PFP which I hope will make my daughter Ella proud of me for being a part of something worthwhile.

Tyson Conteh, Director (Future View Media Center), Sierra Leone

Role – Responsible for founding a collective of young filmmakers called Future View Media Center (FVMC) and subsequently serving as director.
Experience – I have experience working on several projects with PFP as a director, editor, and on occasions have assisted as a camera operator.
Reason for joining PFP – FVMC have partnered with PFP for so long because there could not be a better organisation to collaborate with for all PFP stands for and believes in. 

Lameck Kishiwa, Screening & Distribution Manager, Tanzania

Role: Responsible for the planning and organisation of film screenings across Tanzania.
Experience: I have over 10 years of professional experience in project management, public health and health issues related to maternal, child health and vulnerable populations.
Reason for joining PFP: I’m passionate about helping those with mental or physical health conditions. I hope one day that PFP will open an office in Tanzania so we can make sure more people see the important message of Lisilojulikana, and maybe create a new film in Tanzania!

Dr. Fletcher Tembo, Regional Adviser

Role – Fletcher will be working as our Regional Adviser for Africa. A key aspect of this advisory role is to ensure that our programmes are developed in accordance with local need and interest and are implemented in a culturally appropriate manner.
Experience – Fletcher is a very experienced governance and accountability specialist with extensive knowledge of the policy institutional environment across Africa. He is also an expert in impact evaluation, an aspect of our work we are very keen to strengthen. We feel privileged to have him on board. 

Directors / Trustees

Dr Kevin Waldie, Chair & Director of Overseas Distribution & Impact

Role – Responsible for ensuring PFP films are distributed effectively and efficiently to benefit poor and marginalised communities, where the need for information is so great, as well as to the wider public and to relevant agencies. The role also involves assessing the impact PFP films make in the communities we work alongside.
Experience – After gaining a PhD in Social Anthropology, I joined the British Government’s overseas aid programme, working and living in Kenya, Nepal and Ghana. I lectured in Social Development at The University of Reading for over ten years. In recent years I have worked as a freelance consultant and adviser for the government and NGO sectors. I have also recently completed an MA in documentary filmmaking.
Reason for joining PFP – I was looking for a role that allowed me to bring together, in a positive and creative manner, my extensive knowledge and experience of international development and interest in documentary filmmaking. PFP offered me the wonderful chance to do so.

Rick Elgood, Trustee & Director of Film Training & Production

Role – Responsible for developing relationships with young film making groups, assessing their capabilities, training needs and apply training where required, with the goal being the production of video clips either dramatic, documentary or music related that deliver strong and important messages to the peoples of their particular country. I encourage them to tell their own stories and along with strict local medical policy guidelines execute them in readiness for the PFP distribution team to release them.
Experience – I went to film school in Nottingham then started work in Soho London for Ridley Scott’s company, eventually specialising in Editing. I moved to Los Angeles where I started directing. Eventually I moved to Jamaica where I lived for the last 20 years making feature films, documentaries, socially relevant community films, ran a local news TV company and held film training seminars.
Reason for joining PFP – I had recently moved back to the UK and wanted to engage in something meaningful, PFP fit the bill perfectly.

Joel Canty, Trustee & Director of Finance

Role – Responsible for overseeing the financial matters of the charity in line with good practice and in accordance with the governing document and legal requirements, reporting to the Board of Trustees at regular intervals, and advising on the financial implications of the organisation’s plans.
Experience – I am an accredited Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) with over a decade of experience across finance and business with a large global FTSE 250 company, and am currently responsible for Group financial reporting, treasury and strategic business partnering.
Reason for joining PFP – I have always been interested in international development and studied Economics and International Development at the University of Bath. PFP provided the ideal opportunity to put that to practice and be able to see a meaningful impact on the lives of many people through the wonderful work performed by PFP and its partners.

Rob Rainbow, Trustee & Director of Fundraising

Role – Responsible for working with PFP supporters to organise fundraising events, produce publicity materials, and liaise with the press.
Experience – I was a secondary school teacher (Geography/Humanities) for almost 30 years, three of which were in the Solomon Islands. I then ran several educational projects, started an educational publishing business and another specializing in assessment. My work took me to several countries overseas which as a result increased my interest in international development.
Reason for joining PFP – As Chairman of the Ilminster Film Society, we premiered a PFP film, which I found inspirational and persuaded me to want to join.

Harry Canty, Trustee & Director of Communications

Role – Responsible for developing and delivering PFP’s marketing and communications strategy, which includes branding, digital and social media, and content management in order to raise awareness of the positive work being accomplished alongside our trusted partners.
Experience – I have over 5 years experience in content management, digital and social media and marketing communications, with a professional qualification from ‘The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)’.
Reason for joining PFP – I am passionate about tv/film and the powerful messaging and impact it can carry. I also have a strong interest in international development as a result of spending time volunteering in Africa.

Jane Stables, Trustee

Role – In recent years, PFP have sought to work more closely with the education sector recognising that, throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa, schools are important gateways to the local community. Jane’s knowledge of the education sector and experience of training pupils in film production will enable us to build on this aspect of our programmes with confidence. In addition, Jane has managed overseas educational and participatory video projects in Guyana and Bangladesh, so she brings to PFP a wealth of valuable experience that we will certainly put to good use!
Experience – Jane has over twenty-years’ experience of teaching film and media studies to young people studying for their GCSE, A-level and international baccalaureate qualifications here in the UK. A truly dedicated teacher, it is no surprise that many of Jane’s past students have progressed to establish notable careers in the film industry.

Associates / Volunteers

Olivia Prutz, Camera Operator

Role – Became involved with PFP as a camera operator for the film project Ulimi Mchuma Chatu (Farming Our Wealth). Since then responsible for the management of our Facebook page.
Experience – I work as a camera operator in news and documentaries with a particular interest in environmental and humanitarian stories. 
Reason for joining PFP – I’m a huge believer in the power of media and film to spread important messages and so I originally became involved with PFP because I strongly believe in the important work they do.

Ronit Meranda, Video Editor

Role Became involved with PFP by providing editing support for the film Wi en Wi Go Bi (Support Us and We Will Be) in Sierra Leone and Mbeu Yosintha (Seeds of Change) in Malawi. Ronit also continues to take on some smaller editing roles. 
Experience – I am a freelance writer/director and editor working on both narrative and documentary films. 
Reason for joining PFP I passionately believe in the importance of visual storytelling and support PFP’s emphasis on training and nurturing local filmmakers.

Jo Morley, Project Manager

Role – Responsible for overseas project support in Tanzania. This includes monthly planning and co-ordination of local film screening programmes.
Experience – I have worked in marketing and communications for over 25 years across many different sectors. For the past 5 years, I have worked on a freelance basis for a range of different not for profits covering everything from fundraising, service development to marketing and communications.
Reason for joining PFP – I was keen to expand my experience internationally and I could see the power of film and media as a catalyst for understanding and awareness in the countries PFP operates in. I was particularly inspired by PFP’s approach; one that always seeks to facilitate and support self-determined change.

Tim Bamber, Sound Designer

Role – Became involved with PFP as a sound recordist on Mbeu Yosintha (Seeds of Change), and Tim has since been a sound designer and ADR recordist on films such as Chosadziwika and Lisilojulikana.
Experience – I’m a freelance sound designer and composer, working across documentary, fiction, theatre and the arts.

Reason for joining PFP – I love learning about and travelling to other countries, meeting and working with people from other cultures. The fact that PFP connects people like this in the film industry (as well as the development impact the films have) is really special.

Fadhili Maghiya

Fadhili is born and raised in Tanzania, and is the Director of Watch-Africa CIC, a multifaceted company working in the arts, culture and heritage industry. Fadhili also runs the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel, a network of African communities in Wales.

Jonathan Mbuna, Malawi

Role – Responsible for representing PFP in Malawi, working closely with our UK team and overseas directors to facilitate the developments and distribution programmes of media within the country.
Experience – Jonathan is an established creative writer and was one of the first trained Malawian writers for the first screen soap opera, Mama’s restaurant. He has also worked in both government and NGO sectors as a development consultant.
Reason for joining PFP – I fell in love with PFP after watching their first film Mawa Langa in Malawi and wanted to help provide value and training to communities through education and the use of film does this very well.

George Salt, Producer & Writer

Role — Responsible for helping run the Pedal Powered Kugawana Film Festival in Malawi. Then assisted in the production of Lisilojulikana in Kenya and been involved in its distribution ever since.
Experience — A brief stint as an advertising copywriter was followed by several years of EFL teaching. Since 2012 I have been on-and-off producing and writing TV and web content in Nairobi.
Reason For Joining PFP — There was no way I could resist the combination of cycling, showing films and exploring a whole new country when PFP offered me the facilitator’s role for the Kugawana film festival. I was then very happy to stay involved with PFP and find out what other adventures they had in store for me.

Sam Liebmann, Producer / Director

Role – Became involved with PFP as an editor on Encourage as I Can in Cambodia, working in the field there for two months. In 2012/13, I worked as director on Support Wi En Wi Go Bi in Sierra Leone. From then till 2019, I worked co-ordinating a training project with Future View Media Centre in Sierra Leone
Experience – I work as a documentary producer/ director on social issues mainly in Sierra Leone and Brazil, including for Al Jazeer and BBC Africa Eye.
Reason for joining PFP – PFP is the model of filmmaking to make a positive difference. I have not come across another organisation that puts so much emphasis and thought into the impact the film will have in the local area it is working at any given time. The process of consultation at local level is unique.

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