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An uplifting film for individuals and families living with cerebral palsy in Kenya.

Purple Field Productions presents this drama, made in association with Kenyan partners, using local people as actors and advisors. It reflects the reality that many people with cerebral palsy face in daily life.

MBEU YOSINTHA (Seeds of Change)​

A powerful drama of rural life in Malawi.

Made in association with YONECO (Youthnet & Counselling) in Zomba, Malawi. Before he dies Chief Nkhoma has a dream – to see his village happy, well fed & successful. He knows he has to introduce change to his village.


An inspiring educational documentary on disability in Sierra Leone.

Through the stories of Saidu, Foday and O.G., Mi En You explores the challenges of living with disability in Sierra Leone, and the potential of these people when given equal opportunities to succeed.

DUHINDUKANE N’IBIHE (Change with the Climate)

Made in association with The Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS).

This film is designed specifically for screening in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and has been produced in Kinyarwanda. It includes case studies from the local communities together with practical solutions to the problems that local people face.

Change with the Climate provides real hope in the face of climate change and enables farmers to share their ideas and enthusiasm over a wide area.

ULIMI MCHUMA CHATHU (Farming Our Wealth)

Made in association with Total LandCare a Malawian NGO.

The desperate levels of poverty and hunger amongst rural communities can partly be attributed to climate change creating water shortages but also to the difficulties of growing enough food from the impoverished soil.

These three conservation agriculture films offer an inspiring vision for Malawian farmers to help improve their livelihoods and to secure their children’s future.


An uplifting drama for individuals and families with cerebral palsy in Malawi.

How do you overcome the fear and superstition that surrounds you? Grace has cerebral palsy and when her father dies she is sent to live with an aunt in another village where some people believe she has a curse.
How can she show them the truth? Will it ever be possible to win acceptance?

This Chichewa version was first made in Kenya. It tackles the stigma often found attached to those living with disability.

SUPPORT WI AND WE GO BI (Support Us and We Will Be)

Made in association with StreetInvest and Streechild Sierra Leone.

A film made for the people of Sierra Leone – especially those young people who find themselves living and working on the streets in order to survive. It is estimated there are over 50,000 of them.

Five members of Sierra Leone society come together to find out about the lives of these children and ask whether their perceptions are correct, with some surprising results.

CASSAVA E DON WIN (Cassava is a Winner)

Cassava E Don Win is aimed at community farmers in Sierra Leone, helping them understand new methods developed by other farmers and SL Agriculture NGOs.

This short documentary also looks at new methods of food production enabling farmers to sell more at market and store in more efficient ways in order to achieve long term sustainability.


Made in association with Epic Arts.

The percentage of Cambodians who have some form of disability ranks amongst the highest in the world, and disabled people in Cambodia are all too often surrounded by a fear and prejudice.

Chakriya is a determined young wheelchair user who longs for a fulfilling life. Her dreams start to become reality when she meets two talented, disabled dancers.
Khymer sign language is used to make the film accessible to those who are deaf as well as those with other disabilities.


Made in association with Temwa and YONECO.

A participatory HIV and AIDS awareness drama starring Malawian primary school children.

The dreams of Tobias and Effie are threatened, and Effie is in very real danger. Can the two children overcome the challenges that confront them?


Made in association with Cerebral Palsy Africa (CPA) – an advocacy documentary on behalf of children with cerebral palsy.

A moving film that explores the benefits which can be derived from physiotherapy for children with cerebral palsy, and which opens our eyes to the desperate need for an increase in these services within Ghana.


Made in association with Temwa – a half-hour educational film about HIV and AIDs – the first of its kind in the Tumbuka language.

People Like Us is designed to fit in with the local culture and to be taken round the villages. It is hoped that with the message it conveys will increase understanding about HIV and AIDS, encourage people to get tested, and reduce the stigma that sufferers experience.

Steps, NO! Ramps, YES!

Made in association with the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP).

This short documentary is intended to give voice to the disabled people of Bangladesh and, in particular, to express their deep-felt concerns and frustrations regarding the lack of access for wheelchair-users.


Made in association with the Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation (rYico).

Facing Forward is a short documentary supporting the peace initiatives of the Rwandan people in re-building their country after the tragic and long lasting effects of the 1994 Genocide.


Made in association with the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP).

A two-hour feature film designed to combat the fear and superstition surrounding disability in Bangladesh.


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