How we began

The history of PFP

Whilst working in Bangladesh, Elspeth Waldie was asked to produce a script for a 35mm feature film Bihongo.
The film was a huge success. It attracted large crowds and created lively debate about the superstition surrounding disability.
Elspeth quickly recognised the potential power that film offered to voice the needs of marginalised groups.
It was a discovery that remains the driving force behind Purple Field Productions, until this day.
At that time there was no UK charity dedicated to promoting positive change in disadvantaged communities through the production and distribution of film.
So, in 2004 Elspeth founded Purple Field Productions to meet this need.

Elspeth shaped the direction of PFP as chairperson for sixteen years before stepping down in May 2020.
However, Elspeth remains as a trustee and continues her work to ensure PFP produces films that make a difference.

Today, we continue to work as an international film charity with local filmmakers in Africa & Asia to produce award-winning documentaries, dramas and educational films that address urgent issues relating to health, disability and welfare, social stigma, agriculture and conservation.
Our films have proven to be extraordinarily successful in communicating valuable information to hard-to-reach communities and encouraging local debate and positive action
That is what PFP is all about. Helping people to help themselves.