Our Vision is of a world in which everyone has the knowledge and opportunity to improve their lives with the support and understanding of their community.

Our Mission
 is to work together with local people and filmmakers to produce, distribute and show local language educational films that give help and hope to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Africa and Asia.

Our Actions 

  • We commission & fund film productions
  • We train & mentor local film makers
  • We organise film distribution & viewings, including providing mobile cinema kits
  • We facilitate audience conversations to encourage deeper exploration of the issues
  • We measure the impact of our films to ensure continued improvement

Our Values

  • We produce films in local languages
  • We ensure films respect local cultures
  • We are facilitators who show mutual respect to the professionals we work with
  • We believe we have as much to learn from the communities in which we work as they have to learn from us
  • We value the safety & security of the people we work with above all else
  • We respect the local environments in which we work as if they were our own

Our Credentials

Our award-winning films have…..

  • Encouraged communities in Sierra Leone to engage with issues ranging from teenage pregnancy & maternal mortality to Ebola, the rights of street children, and Covid-19
  • Tackled prejudice against people with disabilities in Bangladesh & Cambodia
  • Advocated for children with cerebral palsy in Kenya & Ghana
  • Raised awareness of HIV/AIDS in Malawi
  • Educated farmers in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal & Sierra Leone
  • Raised environmental awareness in Malawi & Senegal

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"Information is power - but this power is what our people in remote areas are lacking"
Tyson Conteh
Director, Future View Media Centre (FVMC)