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Ten more filmmakers graduate at Centre Marembo

Ten more filmmakers graduate at Centre MaremboAt Centre Marembo in Rwanda, a further group of ten young film students have recently graduated and are now considered qualified to train others in filmmaking.

An award ceremony was hosted at Centre Marembo with guests of honour including the Director General of Culture for the Ministry of Youth and the Culture and Executive Secretary of the Gasabo District

The filmmaking course was initiated and set up by PFP in association with rYico, and, at present, PFP continue to support the salary of the trainer. However, by this summer, the graduates plan to be generating enough income to make the group self-sustaining,

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Marembo Filmmakers receive invitation from the Minister

Members of the Young People’s Filmmaking Group at Centre Marembo in Rwanda are now really on their way. They have already undertaken their first official project – and for none other than the Minister of Youth.

Nicolette Nsabimana, Manager of Centre Marembo, writes –

“ Good news. On Monday 8th September and Tuesday 9th, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture invited two filmmakers to cover the Seminar of Culture. For Centre Marembo it is great, because is like an advertisement for our film group. It is a way to show our talent and knowledge in editing and filming. …..We hope to have, in future, a film group which is very strong and competitive in Kigali”

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