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Film Distribution Plans Update

Purple Field Productions have already produced nine educational films, on crucial issues relating to health, disability, sustainable agriculture and the environment – and more films are planned. Film is a popular and extremely effective medium to impart knowledge and awareness of a wide range of subjects. For optimum effect these films need to reach the widest possible target audience. Effective distribution is the key to this and PFP is developing imaginative and innovative means appropriate to local conditions.

However, the majority of our films are designed specifically to be shown in rural areas where access to much needed information is extremely limited and distribution to these areas has always been difficult, and is becoming increasingly so.  To combat this problem PFP are working in collaboration with Electric Pedals, who have developed a pedal powered mobile cinema which combines generator and projector to show films in rural areas that do not have electric power.  Plans are in place to send a team out to Malawi in 2013 with the equipment and expertise to train local communities in the maintenance and operation of the pedal powered projector.

We are also piloting a scheme recruiting distribution managers to work in the local country to increase the distribution of our films amongst the communities concerned. We currently have a distribution manager working out in Cambodia developing and delivering distribution plans for the PFP disability awareness film “Encourage and I Can”. Plans are also in place to recruit a manager this autumn to work out in Ghana in a similar role distributing the “The Time Is Now” – a PFP film highlighting the problems faced by children in Ghana with cerebral palsy.

We are launching an appeal and carrying out various fundraising activities throughout this year to help raise the much needed funds to finance these initiatives.

Please visit our online fundraising webpage at to find out more about our distribution plans and how you can help support us.

Please take a look at this film

The PFP/CPA cerebral plasy advocacy film, “The Time is Now”, is up on the internet in its entirety.
We are anxious for it to be seen by as many people as possible – especially those who can make a difference to the provision of services in Ghana.
Please help us by taking a look at the film and by passing the link on to your firends, encouraging everyone to also mention it on the social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Ghana Film on Television and Internet

The PFP/Cerebral Palsy Africa film, “The Time is Now”, campaigning for increased services for children with cerebral palsy, is already having an effect. It has been shown on Ghana television and has given rise to a number of televised interviews and discussions.

The GTV Breakfast Show conducted special interviews with physiotherapists and those affected by cerebral palsy on three successive weeks. A physiotherapist from Ghana writes –

“I am so excited at the progress we are making now with the documentary. The breakfast show went on very well and the host has asked us to come up with another topic and bring some parents along to share their experiences. It feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter and brighter.”

The question as to how physiotherapy services for children with cerebral palsy can be increased is now being discussed at a high level in the Ministry of Health.

“The Time is Now” is also up on the internet and can be seen in it’s entirety on two different sites –

and it is available in two parts on YouTube –

The presence of the film on the web means that it is now more accessible to administrators and medical personnel in Ghana, and PFP hopes that news of the links will be spread via the social media.

The Time is Now launched in Accra

Ghana launch - Janet in audienceThe launch of “The Time is Now”, the latest PFP film which campaigns on behalf of children with cerebral palsy in Ghana, took place at the British Council in Accra on Friday 4 February 2011.The film was made in conjunction with Cerebral Palsy Africa, who organised the event, and the Launch, attended by about 90 people was chaired by Mr Andrew Okaikoi, Chairman of the National Council for Persons with Disability.

Following the screening, a discussion took place with input from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, teachers, parents and members of disability organisations. All highlighted the desperate need for increased services for children with cerebral palsy.

At the close of the evening, the event was summed up by two of the key speakers as follows –

Mr Kyeremeh, representative from the Ministry of Health – “Our Minister of Health would have loved to be here. He would like a copy of the video. The problems will not be solved by a miracle, we need:

• to put down facilities,
• work on the quality of staff, and we need physiotherapists – not all have been employed and this is a big challenge
• we certainly need a community-based approach and if the community is not well-educated we must let them know that people with cerebral palsy are part of us
• it is time for men to change their attitudes

The Honourable Minister’s doors are open. The Representative will be glad to push for his attention. The Honourable Minister will take the case into deep consideration. This is the beginning of a new thing.”

Mr Okaikoi, Chairman – “We have seen, and we have heard and I believe we’ve also resolved that, when we leave here, we have a different approach on cerebral palsy. I want to assure everyone here that I for one have learnt so much this evening. We will push the buttons to ensure that all these issues that come up will be addressed. We must test the law.”

Ghana launch - Ossie chairing discussion(Left to Right) Master of Ceremonies – Mr. Osmond Annum, Mr George Kumi Kyeremeh – Chief Nursing officer, Rep. Ministry of Health, Chairman – Mr Andrew Okaikoi, Chairman, National Council for Persons with Disability, Prof Afua A. J. Hesse –Director of Medical Affairs, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Badoe – Dr Emmanuel V. Badoe, Director, Neurology Developmental Clinic, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Mr Gaetan C. Adangabey – Chief Physiotherapist and Head of Physio Dept. Ridge Hospital.