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Film Making Training in Sierra Leone – Spring/Summer 2015

Following on from previous training provided throughout 2014 and early 2015, Purple Field Productions plan to spend three months delivering further training to the members of Future View Film Group (FVFG), Makeni, Sierra Leone.

Whilst the situation regarding Ebola in Sierra Leone remains uncertain we plan to deliver part of this training on-line – training in script writing, sound recording and general film making will be undertaken by the group members following an on-line course devised by UK based film makers.

As a result of previous training already provided by Purple Field Productions, FVFG group member Tyson Conteh will be delivering editing training on the ground.

Subject to the Ebola situation, it is very much our hope to be able to return to Sierra Leone in the not too distant future to provide additional training on the ground to enable the group members to further develop their film making skills.



Support the local young people in the Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone who are facing a rapidly deteriorating situation with the spread of ebola. They are making films right now to help stop the spread of this disease in their country, using the skills they have learnt through Purple Field Productions.

See the song ‘Ebola does not discriminate’ – – which the group made into a video, and has been used on local TV.

You can donate through our crowd fundraising site

We would be very grateful for your invaluable support in helping with the work of Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone during this ebola crisis.

A belated update

Our film of the month (those who follow us on Facebook will have seen this already) is ‘Support Wi and We Go Bi’, the film made for the people of Sierra Leone, especially those young people who find themselves living and working on the streets in order to survive. It is estimated that there are over 50,000 of them.

In this film, 5 members of Sierra Leone society come together to find out about the lives of these children and they ask whether their perceptions of the children are correct. There are some surprising results.

The film can be seen on our Youtube channel:

Children in the marketplace in Sierra Leone

And what’s even more exciting, is that the film was able to tour the country with the Sierra Leone International Film Festival last month. The producer, director and editor worked all hours to complete the film and to get it to the organisers of the film festival which started on 13th April 2013. It was shown on the evening of 14th April. The film festival then toured regional and rural areas as well.

Update No.6 from Sierra Leone

We wanted to share with you a couple of other stories that happened while we were filming in Sierra Leone.  The filming stage of the project is over now but the editing and feedback stages continue and are equally important.


Setting up for a shoot always attracts a host of onlookers. Here we were at the house of the Chief who, as soon he spotted these children, banished them with a finality that put an end to any idea of return. Happily I got this picture first.


Cousins, Anna and Juliet, are both aged about 8 or 9 and between them, they share the care of a severely disabled mother/aunt, do all the housework, earn enough for food for all three, and even enable each other to get a little education.  Each attends school for half a day on a shift basis and the one not at school then does all the caring and household chores and goes out on the street selling eggs, sweets or anything else that they have been able to obtain.

Street children in Sierra Leone

Update No.5 Sierra Leone

December 14th

Bed for the nightTen year old Suley and his friends sleep in the space between the top of this read container and the roof of the building.