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Training in Sierra Leone

Purple Field Productions have been working with Future View Film Group since early 2013 developing their film making techniques and supporting the group in its productions of new, educational films for the benefit of Sierra Leonean communities.

Throughout the Ebola crisis and following the annoucement by the World Health Organisation declaring Sierra Leone Ebola free, Future View Film Group have remained committed to providing their communities with vital life saving advice and information through educational films and music videos.

Purple Field Productions had planned to build on training provided to members of the Future View Film Group in January 2014 by sending a film trainer out to work with the group in the autumn of 2014. However with the outbreak of Ebola our plans had to be postponed and an alternative distance learning training programme was devised by a PFP Associate Producer using online and skype tutorials for the trainees to follow.

This training not only enhanced the skills  of the members but it also provided a much needed distraction and morale boost to the group during this very difficult period.

Summary of Achievements to Date

– We had planned to send a film trainer out to Sierra Leone in the autumn of 2014 to continue with our training programme for the group however these plans had to be postponed and instead we set up an online script writing course with tutorials delivered via skype.  Not only did this enhance the skills of the members in this area but it provided a much needed distraction and morale boost for the group.
– At the outbreak of the Ebola crisis Future View Film Group completed and released their first music video ‘Ebola is Real’ in August 2015 – a film aimed at combating the spread of Ebola and encouraging safe practices and encourages them to listen to suggested and necessary precautions from the health authorities .This video became part of the Ministry of Healths education programme.
– Completion of second music video ‘Zero Stigma for Survivors’ aimed at addressing the stigmatisation survivors face from their communities and convincing them that their behaviour is wrong.
– Distribution of both music videos throughout Sierra Leone both on national TV and on through local video shacks in towns and villages around the country.
– Completion of a three month training programme covering film making and sound recording, script writing skills, and editing training.
– Developed the winning entry from the script writing competition into final script for the Ebola the Invisible Enemy short drama production.
– Commenced production of Ebola is the Invisible Enemy in December 2015. based on their own experiences and specifically designed to remind their audience of the steps they must follow to prevent  any future outbreak turning into an epidemic. This is an incredibly moving story, and one likely to have a powerful and very important impact on all who see it.

Following the completion of their latest production, FVFG plan to distribute this educational film about Ebola prevention and treatment using a solar powered back pack cinema kit carrying out screenings in communities across the country. A UK representative will take one of our latest solar powered cinema kits out to Sierra Leone in February 2016 and spend time with the group training them in the use of the kit and developing a distribution strategy.  The provision of this much needed distriution kit will provide FVFG with the means to distribute and screen their films to thousands of people living in disadvantaged communities in Sierra Leone giving them access to vital health information about a range of issues, empowering them with knowledge and allowing them the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Music Video released on National TV

We’re honoured to release the very latest music video – ‘Zero Stigma for Survivors’ – from the Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone. It’s been on National TV out there and is proving very popular with viewers in shops and bar/cafes.

The new video is a great insight into life in Sierra Leone as it recovers from the tragedy of Ebola. It’s dealing with the problem now facing survivors of Ebola – the fear and suspicion of others who are too afraid to let them back into everyday society.

Follow the link to our facebook page – – to enjoy the video and please do leave your comments as the group can read them and love receiving thoughts.



Support the local young people in the Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone who are facing a rapidly deteriorating situation with the spread of ebola. They are making films right now to help stop the spread of this disease in their country, using the skills they have learnt through Purple Field Productions.

See the song ‘Ebola does not discriminate’ – – which the group made into a video, and has been used on local TV.

You can donate through our crowd fundraising site

We would be very grateful for your invaluable support in helping with the work of Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone during this ebola crisis.

An Unexpected Gift

PFP is very pleased to announce that Basis, a research consultancy based in London (, has given us 50 video cameras.  Neil Lovell, the Brand Director of Basis, organised the donation for the purpose of passing these on to the people that we train in filmmaking in various parts of Africa and Asia.

Sam showing the box of cameras

Sam showing the box of cameras

Sam Liebmann, who was UK Facilitator for the team that recently returned from Sierra Leone, received the cameras from Neil.  The cameras, Sony DCR-HC51 Handycams, are ideal for enabling young filmmakers to learn and perfect their craft and will help us as we plan to run more training in the next few years.

Sony DCR-HC51 Handycams

Sony DCR-HC51 Handycam

The training in Sierra Leone was very successful and Future View Movie Group have almost finished their first film. We are waiting for the release of the final edit and look forward to updating you on the project.

Filmmakers in Sierra Leone

At the end of 2012, Elspeth and the team visiting Sierra Leone met a group of young filmmakers in Makeni, Future View Movie Group. Enthusiastic about film, drama and the educational powers of this media, the young people lacked equipment to be able to make the films that they wanted to. The leader of the group, Tyson – who worked with the Purple Field Productions team as a cameraman and interpreter – had been motivating the group to write scripts dealing with local issues that they then presented in schools as dramas.

John and Charlotte sorting through equipment at the briefing weekend before leaving for Sierra Leone

We have been working towards providing the group with additional expertise in filmmaking techniques and equipment maintenance and on 25th January, John and Charlotte – and several bags of equipment – flew out to Sierra Leone to begin the first phase of a planned two year training programme.

The young people have received John and Charlotte warmly and enthusiastically, absorbing their knowledge and direction.

Members of the Future View Movie Group learning about their new camera

So far, they have been drafting and fine-tuning a script, finding suitable locations for filming, casting, checking and recording sound clips and rehearsing reading for filming next week.

Future View cast and crew setting up for a shot

Ibrahim Kamara from the group sent us this message: “The two expatriates that are presently in Sierra Leone ( Makeni ) are really focus on their purpose and they have greatly impact lots of knowledge in us ,they have no doubt in all areas and their medium of communications is quite understood to the least Person, to crown it all they are virsertile in all filming aspects. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT SUPPORT .”