Purple Field Productions’ films are reaching new audiences.

Filmmaker, Chloe White, has arrived back from Senegal, having completed the dubbing of two of our agricultural films, “Change with the Climate” and “Trees and Stoves” into Mandinka. We were invited out there by a local environmental NGO – CRP Simenti – who spotted the films on the internet and felt that the messages were equally relevant to their own region.

Chloe recording a dubbing track

Earlier this year, a drama group in Malawi had great fun creating a Chichewa version of one of the scenes from our Bangadeshi drama “Radio Bhai”, designed to address the stigma attached to disability – and issue that is also of great concern in Africa.

Mithu tries to convince Rafiq to come to the tea shop.

And, meanwhile, back in London, Malawian volunteers are helping us to dub a Chichewa version of “Change with the Climate”, so that the successful techniques used by Ugandan farmers can now, not only be shared with those in Rwanda, Burundi and Senegal, but also with farmers in Malawi.

This is an exciting new phase for Purple Field Productions. Dubbing is an incredibly economical way of extending the life of our productions and enabling our films to carry their messages far and wide. Thank you to all of you who continue to make such work possible.