Monthly Archives: May 2017

A new “winner” for Sierra Leone

Cassava is a Winner

We’re busy putting together ideas for the artistic work to help the DVD of our newest film gain attention in Sierra Leone. The film explores new ways of cultivating a very familiar crop – Cassava – and also some new ways of processing and producing food from it. There are a few surprises when you discover what can be made from the simple tuber. Ice cream anyone?

Filmed in December 2016 we are soon releasing it on our YouTube Channel once the final post production stages are complete.

PFP Sam Leibmann spent 5 weeks with members of our training group Future View Film Group (find out more) making up the film crew. And their results reflect the hard work and research that was carried out to produce this film which will hopefully reach villages and communities who need help and support in reclaiming the land once more after the troubled few years the country has been through.