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Training in Senegal

Following their successful training with Filmmakers Tyson and Abrahim from Sierra Leone (Future View Film Group) the young group in Senegal are ready to develop skills further. We are delighted that Associate Producer Colin Stevens is able to take time out of his schedule to go and work with them for an intense 18-day course.

Discussing the script with Lucy & Lemani

Discussing script with actor & producer in Malawi

Colin, who has extensive experience working with young people in Malawi, is excited to be visiting the new group and discovering how best to help them make a difference to their rural communities who are dealing with social and environmental issues.

Film has given the group a taste for engaging in positive social debate and problem-solving and they will be looking to develop: their camera and sound skills, styles of documentary and drama, storytelling and developing ideas into effective films.

Early days of interview technique in Senegal

Early days of interview technique in Senegal

The group already have some experience of showing films with their pedal power cinema and know how powerful a tool film can be in improving people’s lives. Part of the the training will also involve making a new short film that will explore the issues that need addressing with the local communities in their region. This brings about a new element to their work – the responsibility of filmmakers when creating films about social and environmental change.

We wish Colin and the team in Senegal all the best for a great training project.