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Northern Kenya Screening Tour

Our local distribution team, Salome and Lennox, have now completed a month long tour screening our latest drama production, ‘Lisilojulikana (The Unknown)’,  across the Samburu region of Kenya carrying out 15 screenings to various community groups and reaching over 1700 people. Lisilojulikana is a drama which challenges the stigma and myths surrounding the children who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Salome, who works for the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), reported that the trip was extremely positive with lots of people coming forward after the screening to talk to her about support and help for their disabled relative. On one occassion, an elderly lady got very emotional during one of the screenings. Salome discovered that she was caring for her disabled grandson after the mother had run away. Salome took the grandmother to the National Council and insisted that they register the grandson. A few days later the man from the National Council called Salome to say that he had been registered for school along with several other children and adults. Salome believes the film is helping in many ways as it informs people that children with disability can also learn, it challenges peoples’ idea of disability as a curse, it helps people with disability to gain acceptance and it informs people about the therapy and support available to them. Salome says there is still a long, long way to go however already she feels she has accomplished a lot and is very keen to conduct further screening tours across the country.

e-Bulletin June 2016

After picking up the keys to the new FVFG office on Wednesday 10th June, the Group very quickly got settled in and are already feeling the benefit of this designated work space. They now have somewhere safe and secure to store all of their equipment including the solar powered backpack cinema kit PFP handed over to them earlier this year. And training sessions are underway enabling the Group members to keep their skills up to date as well as learning new techniques and practices. Tyson Conteh, Group leader wrote “the group just want to send a lots of thanks to PFP for this wonderful opportunity they give us and to let you know we are excited for this office, what can we say, just thank you thank you thank you we promise to do our best to keep and the best out of this office”.

Our partners in Sierra Leone, CoDWeIA, have been achieving great things with their latest screenings of the PFP street children advocacy film ‘Support We and We Will Be’. Alfred Kargbo, Director, has now carried out 8 screenings across 4 towns to groups of police, social welfare staff and a police family support unit. Prior to the screenings the groups discussed the issues regarding street children. They complained that the children are a problem and they do not know what to do to rid them from the streets. They perceive the huge numbers of street children as a public nuisance and a security threat. They also believe that street children are disobedient, criminals and evil. Alfred also reported that based on his findings from street work in Waterloo, the Ebola epidemic has caused a dramatic increase in the numbers of street children because of the increased sufferings in households, with many children loosing their parents.
However following the screenings their attitudes changed. Many realised that street children have their reason for being on the streets and should not be blamed. Street children should be given more opportunities and supported through education and provided with family care. Community members should join hands to support the children saying “these are our children”.
All of them agreed that something must be done urgently to take them off the streets or else, as they said “ these street children will grow up to become hooligans, untamed vandals, thieves and drug addicts that society will not be able to contain…”.
PFP are very pleased to be supporting Alfred with these screenings and we hope to be able to support him with further distribution of the film in the months ahead.

We welcome Salome and Lennox to Team PFP! They have just completed a month long screening programme in the north of Kenya taking our latest cerebral palsy drama production – ‘Lisilojulikana (The Unknown)’ – to audiences in small towns and rural communities in and around Samburu.
Salome works for the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya based in Nairobi. She provides mothers of disabled children with support and access to treatment. This is a challenging role for Salome as mothers often feel ashamed of their disabled child – persuading a mother to seek help and advice takes a lot of persistence by Salome. After first watching the film, Salome was very excited about the potential this film offered and had lots of suggestions on where screenings could take place . She and Lennox quickly arranged for a screening to take place on a Friday evening in one of the Nairobi slum areas. It was a great success and seemed to reach out to the community in a very positive and effective way delivering the message about supporting those living with disability. However the real success of that screening was when Salome went into work on Monday morning. Four mothers were waiting to talk to her and discuss treatment and the help ADPK could provide for their disabled children. She was very happy about this as she said getting four mothers to come and openly discuss disability and bring their children was unheard of. These women had said that the film had shown them that their child was not useless, that they could go to school and achieve great things with their life just like anyone else. We are very lucky to have Salome working for us as she has a real understanding of the issues these mothers face and really identifies with the film and the positive and powerful message it conveys. So we are really excited to hear how Salome and Lennox have got on over the past month and look forward to updating you over the coming weeks.

We have had a very busy couple of months of fundraising. Congratulations go to The Two Robs and Ann Evans for successfully completing their sponsored events and raising in excess of £2,500. We raised a staggering £682 at our annual spring Book Sale and the Stocklinch Bridge Lunch raised £441. Thank you to everyone who as supported us in all of these events. This has been a tremendous boost to our much needed funds.

For those of you not yet signed up to Give As You Live – an online shopping fundraiser – please follow the link below to set yourselves up and start raising funds today. This year we are focussing on using the funds raised through Give As You Live to help pay for the FVFG training & office space so please don’t delay in helping us reach our target of £1000.

We welcome two new volunteers to PFP, Dave Hood and Jo Thomas, who are very kindly spending time helping us with our fundraising activities. If you know of anybody who may have a little bit of spare time to help us with fundraising and general office support, please get in touch.

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