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Support the local young people in the Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone who are facing a rapidly deteriorating situation with the spread of ebola. They are making films right now to help stop the spread of this disease in their country, using the skills they have learnt through Purple Field Productions.

See the song ‘Ebola does not discriminate’ – – which the group made into a video, and has been used on local TV.

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We would be very grateful for your invaluable support in helping with the work of Future View Film Group in Sierra Leone during this ebola crisis.

George’s Report – No. 8

Blantyre and Mulanje

After 5 and half weeks of travelling and screening around rural Malawi, we finally hit the metropolis of Blantyre, which, despite being the country’s business district, still seems calm, clean and friendly.

A very passionate representative from local NGO, SRGDI (Sustainable Rural Growth Development Initiative), took us 20km out of the city to Chikuli trading centre for an evening screening with an enthusiastic audience who really got into debating the issues of Mbeu Yosintha.

The next day, we travelled 40km south to Nkando trading centre, 20km from Mulanje, the epic mount Mulanje shimmering through the heat haze. Our friendly rep from REFORD took us on a tour into town, past vast tea plantations and onto the lower slopes of the lush, green mountain.

We had a great double-bill that evening of both Mawa Langa and Mbeu Yosintha, with insightful discussions from the area’s younger members, who excitedly cheered each other on.

And then we came back to Blantyre and arrived at the big four-oh! Our final screening was at Blantyre Secondary School with MANAD. It was unique to all the previous 39, the audience being made up of deaf members of the community. It was pretty amazing to see them engaging with Mawa Langa and then discuss the characters and issues in great detail – one aspiring filmmaker even pointed out the storyboarding and directing tips he’d picked up – another first for the Kugawana festival.

And that pretty much sums up our experience over the past 6 weeks. We have shown PFP’s fantastic, educational dramas across the length and breadth of Malawi – and every single screening and audience has been memorable and special in its own way. From the reactions to the comments; from the venues to the ever-changing beauty of the country – it has been one special journey.

Annual General Meeting 2013/14

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Purple Field Productions Ltd will take place at 2 p.m. on Thursday 9th October 2014 at 10 Hill View Terrace, Ilminster TA19 9AL. This will be a very short, formal meeting preceding the Trustees Meeting.


It’s hard to believe how far we have come in ten years. Each year has presented its own challenges and has been rewarding in ways which we could not have imagined. Each small decision, countless small actions, every gift of time and money has resulted in a body of twelve films on a range of topics in an array of languages and has encouraged us to make plans for more small steps to benefit more people in Africa and Asia.

Thank you for being part of this with us.

A small selection of what we've achieved.  Thank you.

You did this!

Report from Senegal


We have been getting very good reports back from Senegal where the films, ‘Trees and Stoves’ and ‘Change with the Climate’ were amended for the local population. As well as being translated into Mandinka, an introduction and a conclusion were added to each film so that it could become clear that the ideas being worked in other countries could be brought to Senegal as well.

Filming in Dar Salam

Filming in Dar Salam

Chloe White finished the films in January this year. Tabitha Price who oversees Kambien, the project set up by CRP Simenti, has been showing the films in the local villages on the north side of the park using a pedal-powered cinema pack. As a result of this, women’s groups in the villages have become aware of the new type of stove which uses less fuel and many people are starting to request one. A tree nursery has also been established as a school project in Dar Salam, the village where the filming took place. And the farmers in the area are starting to ask about ways of organic farming.

Watering crops in Senegal

Watering crops in Senegal

The two adaptations have been uploaded to our Youtube channel for anyone who wishes to see them. (