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All their hard work …

Filming is well under way in Malawi. Scenes are coming together nicely and there have been some great results.

Two women helping a third to do her hair for a shoot

Actors preparing for filming

The team was joined on set by Innocent Green, one of the actors from our previous drama, Mawa Langa (My Tomorrow). This time, he is working behind the camera, helping out Tim, the sound recordist.

Innocent (left frame); Tim directs Innocent to move the microphone (right frame)

Innocent Green (left frame);  Tim directs Innocent to move the microphone

As usual, when filming anything like this, the sheer spectacle draws a crowd who want to find out what is happening and how it is coming together.

Ronit operating camera 2 with audience in background

The film crew and actors are joined by an audience who can’t wait for the film

And, of course, none of this would be possible without a dedicated location manager. Lemani, of YONECO (our partner organisation) has been putting in long hours and has been stretched to meet all the demands that making a film requires.

Lemani, location manager shrugs while camera crew set up in the background

“What more can I do?”

"Quiet on Set!"

PFP’s latest film is now underway. Shooting started last Thursday after Tim, the sound editor and Ronit, the editor, arrived in Malawi.

Colin and the YONECO cultural group, who will make up the majority of the troop

After Colin and the team had found all the locations they needed, they had to hold auditions to get the right actors for the drama. They have all put in a lot of work to prepare and by now, we have 3 days worth of film towards a finished story.

The team setting of for day one of shooting

10/10 Treks top £2,000

Last weekend PFP had another 2 teams do a 10/10 Trek.

Rob and Dena chose to ride a tandem around their 10 parishes. They agreed to this some time back and then questioned the wisdom of their decision when they remembered that they had not taken it out of the garage for a number of years.

Rob and Dena at Fivehead Parish Church
(Click the picture to see pictures of their other stops)

They had a great time cycling around south Somerset and managed to raise over £200.

John and Zoe walked 10 parishes west of Taunton. This was all the more courageous as Zoe did this with a purple-decked walker! They were met at various stops by friends who encouraged them along the way. Together, they raised over £150.

Zoe and John at Taunton Heritage Centre
(Click the picture to see pictures of their other stops)

So far, our teams have raised over £2,000 for the Malawi Film tour.

What is amazing to hear from each team that has completed a trek is how much they have enjoyed it and that they want to keep on being active. We would love to hear from others who would be prepared to do a trek or can recommend it to friends.

Location, Location, Location

Over the last week, Colin Stevens and 2 film crew members, Nick and Celia, have been very busy scouting for locations for the new film.

Nick and Celia location scouting with the YONECO team

The script requires a suitable village, a health clinic, a school and it also has a couple of scenes filmed in a forest.

Ntwitche – ideal for the Chief’s meeting place and the rural clinic

One of the really amazing outcomes of this search was Chinangwa village. Its appearance is perfect for the crew’s requirements.

Nick, Colin and Celia in discussions at Chinangwa vilage

But the crew will also have the chance of helping them to rebuild their tree nursery after it was destroyed in a fire and be able to record the building process for the film.

Some of the women of Chinangwa village