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Malawi Agricultural Drama

Yesterday, PFP Director, Colin Stevens flew out to Malawi for our new project – a full-length drama which will demonstrate in story form the ideas and practical applications shown in ‘Farming our Wealth‘. The film will be made in association with YONECO, and Colin, who has drawn up a script in conjunction with Malawian scriptwriter, Jonathan Mbuna, will begin the work of auditioning cast members and arranging filming locations. The rest of the team will join him during the next few weeks to begin filming.

The 5 members of the team

Colin, Tim, Ronit, Nick and Celia

The shoot will take about 4 to 5 weeks, and then the film will be edited together and a test screening arranged to ensure that it communicates its message clearly while still entertaining the audience.

We will post updates from the team as we receive them. They will be back in the UK by mid-October and we hope to be able to release the film towards the end of this year or the beginning of 2014.

When the rains do not come, the trees are disappearing, what can one village do?

The current poster showing the working title for the film

Pedal-powered Update

Colin Tonks of Electric Pedals and Ingrid Hesling have been back from Malawi for a couple of weeks now.  They report that the mini-tour of northern Malawi was great and they managed to take cinema into areas that do not normally get films shown.  Ingrid says, “One of our last events … took us to a Primary School in Mzgora, Malawi. You can see the very energetic Lameck from Temwa pedaling to provide energy for the film. Although this was our last event before returning to the UK, the project is far from over. The rucksack cinema will remain with Temwa for one year, supporting their educational film distribution and helping them to fight poverty, hunger and disease in remote areas of rural northern Malawi.”

Lameck pedalling energetically

Calvin, who works for Temwa, said, “It was so nice. At first we thought riding the padle power is tough but it was just our thinking. It is so simple to travel with and to operate. With this we are going to reach more people in our catchment area so easily than when we were using the fuel genset, tv screen, big speakers. The system also is costs saving because we will not buy fuel while going to the field. People enjoyed the videos so much and the get something from them.”
Since Ingrid has been back, the photos and video she took has been compiled into a video by Colin Stevens. Please watch and share this video with your friends. This is what Purple Field Productions is all about: making films to educate and inform people in places where cinema does not normally go.


Please click on the picture to view the film.