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Our 10th Year Celebration!

It’s official! Purple Field Productions is now in its tenth year!

On 1st May 2014, Purple Field Productions turns ten and so we’re doing a year of celebrating. The aim is to raise funds for the distribution of our films in Malawi, in particular a film tour in the summer 2014. PFP will visit the villages and towns around Lake Malawi to show the films that we have made in Malawi to the local people. The joy of this tour is being able to take the films to places that have no electricity by means of our pedal-powered cinema.

Image showing amplifier, cable, projector and pedal-generator

Pedal-powered projector and sound

And so we’re encouraging people to get out and move for Malawi. Over 10 weekends through the year, there will be opportunities to do a 10/10 Trek, to visit ten parishes, cover at least ten miles and take at least one photo in each parish and we will put these on our Facebook channel.

The first two treks have already taken place early in May. Fiona Day and her family cycled around 10 villages in Somerset and have raised over £250. Jo and Neil Read also cycled around Somerset and have raised almost £300 for Malawi.

Jo Read at Isle Brewers in south Somerset

This coming weekend sees two more treks taking place. Paul and David are doing a trek in Cheshire and Josie and Noah are walking in East Somerset, around Frome.

Zeph and her husband have also registered to do a walking trek. They will be walking around their local area in West Somerset. More details of their trek will be on their JustGiving page.

The trek team – every one who has registered to do a 10/10 Trek – can be found on the JustGiving team page:

Please support our teams or, better still, do a trek for Malawi yourself.

A belated update

Our film of the month (those who follow us on Facebook will have seen this already) is ‘Support Wi and We Go Bi’, the film made for the people of Sierra Leone, especially those young people who find themselves living and working on the streets in order to survive. It is estimated that there are over 50,000 of them.

In this film, 5 members of Sierra Leone society come together to find out about the lives of these children and they ask whether their perceptions of the children are correct. There are some surprising results.

The film can be seen on our Youtube channel:

Children in the marketplace in Sierra Leone

And what’s even more exciting, is that the film was able to tour the country with the Sierra Leone International Film Festival last month. The producer, director and editor worked all hours to complete the film and to get it to the organisers of the film festival which started on 13th April 2013. It was shown on the evening of 14th April. The film festival then toured regional and rural areas as well.

Screenings in Cambodia

Mark Jones, our Distribution Manager in Cambodia, has been doing an amazing job of arranging for the film, “Encourage and I Can’ to be shown in various places.

The film has been shown on TV Kampuchea four times now. The first two times were on 4th and 5th April this year, with English sub-titles. The film was shown again on 11th and 15th April, this time with a Khmer sign language interpretation.

Screening of 'Encourage and I Can', part of schools tour

School in Chhuk region

Mark has organised a three-day tour of Chhuk District High Schools with the help of the Director of Education and a couple of school principals. So far, they have shown the film to over seven-hundred pupils and are hoping that by the end of day 3, this will be over a thousand.

Mark has also signed a contract with the GST bus company to have the film shown on eleven of their national coaches throughout the month of May. He estimates that with the 341 screenings, the film should reach between 8,000 and 12,000 people.

Screening of films on long-distances bus in Cambodia

Film showing on a Cambodian bus


Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Spring Newsletter 2013
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