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Update No.6 from Sierra Leone

We wanted to share with you a couple of other stories that happened while we were filming in Sierra Leone.  The filming stage of the project is over now but the editing and feedback stages continue and are equally important.


Setting up for a shoot always attracts a host of onlookers. Here we were at the house of the Chief who, as soon he spotted these children, banished them with a finality that put an end to any idea of return. Happily I got this picture first.


Cousins, Anna and Juliet, are both aged about 8 or 9 and between them, they share the care of a severely disabled mother/aunt, do all the housework, earn enough for food for all three, and even enable each other to get a little education.  Each attends school for half a day on a shift basis and the one not at school then does all the caring and household chores and goes out on the street selling eggs, sweets or anything else that they have been able to obtain.

Street children in Sierra Leone