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Autumn 2012 Newsletter

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Autumn Newsletter 2012
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Update No.5 Sierra Leone

December 14th

Bed for the nightTen year old Suley and his friends sleep in the space between the top of this read container and the roof of the building.

Update No.4 from Sierra Leone

13th December

Fatmata vs policeOur plan is for each member of the adult group to meet up with one child, and to learn from them about the factors that cause children to be on the street, what life there is like, and the feelings, hopes and fears of the children concerned. In this picture, the woman police officer meets 16 year old Fatmatah who has recently left the street with the help of a local NGO.

Update No.3 from Sierra Leone

12th December

Nearly ready to goHawa (not her real name) is one of the children whom we plan to feature. She lives by selling oranges on the street – gets up at 6 a.m. to start preparing the fruit, then walks round the market all day with a bucket of them on her head. She hopes for about 80p profit before evening when she goes home to prepare a meal for her “auntie” and the rest of the family.

Update No. 2 from Sierra Leone

Monday 10th December

Crew and ChildrenFinding a quiet place to chat with the street children is really difficult. Non-stop background noise everywhere, but these self appointed assistants were no trouble at all. The two Samuels, child star and Director, stand together at the back.