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Exciting Evening of African Music in Ilminster

Chartwell Dutiro visits the Warehouse Theatre, Ilminster in aid of Purple Field Productions, 3rd November 2012 at 7:30pm

An Evening of African Music with Chartwell Dutiro

On Saturday evening, 3rd November 2012, Chartwell Dutiro, Zimbabwean-born musician, composer and instrumentalist will be playing at the Warehouse Theatre, Ilminster.  The concert will be a celebration of African music, voice and dance and is in aid of Purple Field Production’s work.

Chartwell is a world-class performer, known for his work on the mbira, and for the educational work he does promoting culture, music and dance. He has been based in the UK since 1994 and is involved in teaching music and dance, performing on various stages as well as in schools and communities to promote inter-cultural understanding, to educate people about Africa and different types of music, and to present new ideas and ways of thinking about life.


Encouraging News on Cambodian Distribution Pilot

The distribution of the Cambodian film, “Encourage and I can” is going really well at present. So far, the film has been seen by over 8,000 people and the feedback has been really exciting.

Mark Jones has used a local contact to have the film shown on a number of long-distance bus journeys. It is estimated that, in this way, over 2,000 people have seen the film and the responses have been very positive, ranging from “I am happy to see that people with a disability have so much ability” to “I do not discriminate against people with a disability and I will tell others not to”.

Mark has been able to show the film to about 900 pupils in five schools across Kompong Trach and Chhuk districts. This was generally to the lower secondary students but in one school, the headmaster included the upper secondary students who had finished their exams. The responses showed that the students had taken the message of the film on board and would be prepared to change their thinking and actions as a result. One of the most common responses was, “People with disabilities have the ability to do things that other people can do – like have a job.” But the students also showed a change in their thinking reflected in comments like, “People with disabilities need help from other people when they meet difficulties” and an understanding by some that these people are potential friends.

Mark will be running another campaign into the schools between January and March 2013, hoping to reach a wider audience this time, including the upper secondary students. As the film has a Cambodian sign language narration, Mark will be working with the Deaf Development Programme to run screenings in their schools and centres. And he is investigating ways of getting the film broadcast on television.

Annual General Meeting 2011-12

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Purple Field Productions Ltd will take place at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 24th October 2012 at The Minster Rooms, Ilminster.
 The evening will include both the AGM Meeting followed by a number of short presentations reviewing our activities in the past year and our plans for the future.

We look forward to seeing you on the evening and updating you on our various projects and plans.