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One of PFPs volunteer crew completes half marathon raising in excess of £200

One of Purple Field Production’s volunteer crew, Mark Rimmer, completed the Prague International Half Marathon on Saturday 31st March in under 2 hours rasing in excess of £200 for PFP.

Mark’s tough training regime began in Uganda and Rwanda, while he was volunteering for a second time with PFP as director of our most recent conservation film, this time for communities in the Albertine Rift region of Africa. He began running to clear his head following a day’s filming, but soon found himself training for the Segovia Half Marathon in Spain at the invitation from a cousin living there whom he hadn’t seen for 14 years. Elspeth Waldie suggested Mark run on behalf of PFP and was delighted when he agreed. He says, “I’m a great believer in the work PFP do, the power of the moving image, and the fantastic experience they offer to ambitious and adventurous filmmakers”.

In Uganda, Mark met Scooby, a young local man who appears in the Albertine Rift film. As Mark explains “The routes he took me on involved ridiculous hill climbs and made me realise how unfit I was!”. In Kigali, in Rwanda, due to the soaring temperatures, he had to run before sunset or at 6am in the morning, and says,“When passing another runner in Kigali, it is customary to give each other a little round of applause, which really gave me a boost. On one long run I was starting to tire, when I passed a group of about 30 runners coming the other way. Their clapping kept me going for the remaining 2 miles”.

Since then, Mark has had another hill to climb. Whilst gearing up for the Segovia Half Marathon, Mark was, at the last minute, hired for camera work on a 9 week film in Prague, beginning the day after the race in Spain. Being unable to make alternative travel arrangements to get back in time, Mark gallantly put himself forward to run the Prague International Half Marathon instead. In a message to his sponsors Mark insists “It is exactly the same distance, and will hurt my feet in exactly the same way!”.

We would like to congratulate Mark on not only achieving a fantastic result but also on the tremendous amount he raised in sponsorship for PFP. We are very grateful for all his hard work in preparing and taking part in this event as well as encouraging people to sponsor him.