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Radio Bhai wins major award at international festival

It has just been announced that the PFP feature film, “Radio Bhai”, has won the Dodie Spittal Award at the “Picture this….film festival” 2009.

Jury comments were as follows –

“…very good cinematography…dancing in the fields was beautiful…illustrates cultural myths and misconceptions and subverts them…complex stories interwoven…lovely visuals…good looking hero who uses a wheelchair…great music to follow story…entertaining, suspenseful…colourful visuals set the scene of the story…shows changes in attitudes…good story line through out the film…”

“Picture this ….” is Canada’s first and biggest international disability film festival. “Radio Bhai” competed with eighty other films from across the world to win the Dodie Spittal Award which is for the film which best demonstrates community and moving forward in a positive way.

The Awards Gala Night is on February 7th 2009 and festival screenings run from February 9th to 11th in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Full details can be found on the festival website –