We are thrilled to have been awarded the PUBLIC AWARENESS AWARD for our Kenyan drama Lisilojulikana - The Unknown
The film has been touring throughout the norther rural villages of Kenya and has surpassed all expectations with both the sizes of audiences but also their positive reactions.

Our young star - Vannessa - will be thrilled when she discovers the news of our award. Vanessa inspired crew and fellow actors in overcoming her own disability to work for four long weeks filming - learning many lines and also sustained physical work. The character she plays - Grace - arrives in a small village where her disability is met with fear and suspicion by neighbours to her aunty who has agree to look after her. Her sense of humour and dignity wins the community over and the character is a major factor in the film's success.

All the actors in the film volunteered their time as they understood the importance of the film and its messages.
We are currently talking to other organisations who are interested in distributing the film to a wider audience across Swahili speaking Africa. There is also interest in dubbing the film into other languages which has worked well with other films in Malawi and Senegal. For this though we need funding and we will be setting up a crowdfund to support this initiative.
The success of Lisilojulikana is also due to the development of other projects involving Cerebral Palsy and collaborative partnerships with other organisations.

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