Solar Powered Cinema – Report 2

Report from Fraser McFadyen – UK Representative
Our screenings are well underway and during the past two weeks we have undertaken 16 screenings to audiences in excess of 2000. We have also been able to carry out a thorough testing on the solar powered mobile cinema kit – it has performed extremely well keeping up with our busy schedule.
The PFP agriculture films have gone down particularly well in the farming communities where they are clearly inspired and motivated to get on and try out some of the methods highlighted in the films.
The training period is also now coming to an end I’m so pleased to say that we ended this on a real high note. The last two screenings went especially well, and the one in Gogode village was one of the most memorable of the trip. Audience response to the film is always lively and warm, but in this case it was especially so; they really seemed to connect with it. Everything went so well, and we even seemed to manage to hang the screen flatter than usual, and the sound seemed louder. The partner organisation was Build On who are keen to arrange additional screenings at their other centres.
Alfred and Gentry are now fully trained and will continue with the screening programme when I leave them later this week to meet up with Jonathan Mbuna, Malawi Representative in Lilongwe where we will work together on further film distribution plans for Malawi.

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