The Autumn/Winter 2018 PFP Newsletter

Here’s our last newsletter of this year. It includes updates on the wonderful life changing support our partner, St Peter’s Lifeline, is providing in Kenya. You might remember some of the children we featured in our Spring edition. Children like 6 year old Tysy whose dream was to go to school. Or Silas and Silesio who were immobile and needed wheelchairs and medical assessment. We’re delighted St Peter’s has been able to help with this and more. Read the full story

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  • Discover more about Elspeth, Peter and Caroline’s research trip to Tanzania to meet with potential partners and research how screenings of ‘Lisilojulikana’ may be able to help support those most in need.
  • A report on the brilliant work Colin and Tim have just completed in Malawi to dub ‘Lisilojulikana’ into Chichewa.
  • Future View Film Group’s first completed film documentary that follows the lives of young disabled people in Sierra Leone.
  • Dates for your diary including the AGM, fundraising events, and an update on the ‘Big 50k Appeal’
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Tis the Season to be DUBBING!


Yes, we are about to make a long held dream come true and dub our international award winning film from Swahili to Chichewa – this means the huge success we have had in Kenya can be repeated in Malawi from mid 2019. We need to raise £6000 to kickstart the first phase of the dubbing project.

Our CrowdFunder Page is now live! Please help us with a donation – even a small one counts!  Click here to donate


This autumn two of our PFP Volunteers, Tim & Colin will spend 2 weeks in Malawi working with actors there to record new dialogue in the native language. Colin has directed three films in Malawi and is thrilled about this latest project.

“Returning to Malawi and working on this project is very exciting. Knowing how much this film can help communities overcome fear and suspicion about disability I can’t wait to get started.”




Tim is likewise looking forward to being back in Malawi where he worked on Mbeu Yosintha in 2013.

“It will be a challenge working with local people to perform quite a skilled process but PFP was never frightened of setting themselves a challenge”



Image of Lemani Makina holding a child in his arms

Lemani Makina during filming of Mbeu Yosintha in 2013


The project will be hosted by our friend and Location Manager ALFRED MTAPAONGA who has been distributing our films throughout the rural district of Ntchisi & Kasungu with our solar-powered cinema kit. The script is in translation and should be completed by Mid June – thanks to our Malawi translator (and whose idea sparked this project) LEMANI MAKINA who we worked with on another film back in 2013, ‘Mbeu Yosintha’.

To find out how you can help by donating a small amount to our crowdfunder click on the image below. Thank you so much!



You can  find out more about how things are going with Malawi and other projects on our Facebook Page