Getting films out there

Obviously a film has no life in it if there is no audience. Each Purple Field Production film has its own distribution plan devised with a partner to maximise the number of people who watch it. Factors involved can vary according to each project but often the main considerations are age range, location and transport. Our distribution plans can include schools, churches, rural village locations and when possible DVD shops, cafes and national television.

Distribution of films to rural and often remote communities is difficult. Electricity is often not reliable and so in the past a car filled with generator, fuel, amplifier, projector and screen would head off into the hills.

Since 2014, in Malawi, Kenya and Sierra Leone, we have used mobile cinema in two forms. Both can be carried by two people. No longer do we need a truck! With pedal power and solar powered projection we can be self sufficient and fully mobile.


Contact the PFP office for details of our current alternative power kits that are currently being used in Malawi.

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