Our Work with Cerebral Palsy

Our Work with Cerebral Palsy

Our thirteen year history began with creating films to support people living with disability. Beginning with important work around wheelchair user rights we have developed a strong voice supporting supporting families and individuals living with cerebral palsy in Ghana and Kenya.

Our current drama, working with local people and partners in northern Kenya - Lisilojulikana, The Unknown - is our most successful film yet in helping to combat the stigma surrounding those living with disability. The fiml is currently being screened with a solar cinema kit and a facilitator with counselling and disability rights experience and knowledge. Salome regualarly reports that the film is creating a huge positive reaction in the village communities it is being shown in.

Lisilojulikana is available to watch on our YouTube Channel. This short trailer tells you more about the film that is proving so successful in Kenya right now.

Looking Back

Our first major working project was a film produced to support mothers and families in Ghana with a lobbying film calling on the government of Ghana to promote and fund more physiotherapy for young children. The film was a huge success both in terms of encouraging families to find their voice and also persuading politicians to take the issue seriously.

The full film can be see on our YouTube Channel     

Training for Physiotherapists

The success of this film gave both PFP and Cerebral Palsy Africa (CPA) confidence to continue developing  ideas around film & media in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy. In 2013 we jointly partnered a Training DVD for therapists in Africa. Therapy in Action is a series of short film case studies of children and young people at various stages of their development and circumstances dealing with the disease. This also includes demonstrations of physical therapy and discussions between the physiotherapist and the family as part of the holistic approach to physiotherapy treatment.

Following the success of this project the idea of creating a drama to reach village communities was born. Researching with the St.Martins Community in Northern Kenya (a community dedicated to supporting people living with disability) our drama LISILOJULIKANA - The Unknown was developed as a creative film to dispel the stigma often attached to Cerebral Palsy.

Using a solar powered cinema kit, the film is currently being screened to both urban and rural communities facilitated by a very capable disability rights advocacy worker who is able to answer questions and advise families about finding support. We have always known that drama  can be very effective in attracting audiences and challenging prejudice in a very positive way. But LISILOJULIKANA is proving to be one of our most successful disability films yet, with families coming forward for help and realising that there is no need to be afraid of asking for help.

Printed materials, in both English and Swahili,  were produced too as a resource for parents, health workers and community workers. You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.





We have been awarded another international award for our latest film LISILOJULIKANA.

Grace, the leading actress smiling in between takes.

PICTURE THIS FILM FESTIVAL spotlighted our work with cerebral palsy.

The Dodie Spittal Award recognises work featuring the promotion of ability and awareness of disability rights.

This is a huge honour and we are proud to be the recipients of the award. 


We have been awarded a major international award for our latest film drama from Kenya.This is a huge honour and we are proud to share in the World Cerebral Palsy Day 2017.

To find out more click on the picture of Grace and her friends.

Therapy in Action

The film is not available publicly to maintain respect for the privacy of the children and family involved.






















If you would like to see Therapy in Action in relation to professional work with cerebral palsy please contact us.


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