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More than just a film...

A Purple Field Productions film is about engaging audiences with themes, characters and subjects that can highlight aspects of their lives in order to bring about positive change. Films are researched thoroughly with our partners who have usually identified the need for a film in their field of expertise.

We produce everything from short documentaries to full-length feature dramas. Our work can cover a wide range of subjects:

  • health
  • disability & rights
  • social welfare & cohesion
  • agriculture
  • environment & conservation

We feel it is vital that films are generally  facilitated  by a trained screen manager who leads a debate - where possible with local experts and community groups present who can offer practical help to village communities.

 These post-screening discussions are often where real debate happens and life-changing decisions are made. We monitor and evaluate these screenings and value audience reaction - making sure our films are delivering appropriate, informed and valuable information.  We have been exploring pedal power mobile cinema kits and are currently trialling solar power to enable us to reach more remote audiences.

Our partners

Purple Field Productions works in partnership with small charities and NGOs who would not normally be able to afford a film.  We bring our skills, equipment & technical expertise, they bring their life experience, cultural knowledge and cultural awareness. Our partners are often small Non Governmental Organisations who are very close to the people and have a vast amount of knowledge about issues facing them. With them, we explore their ideas and research fully the implications of making a film together. If needed we may then send a small UK team of volunteers to help make that film.

The PFP Process

Development -  Developing scripts and ideas with local researchers, writers and contributors can sometimes take a year of emails, phone calls & Skype conversations before shooting a film begins. In addition there is usually a location visit for valuable face to face discussions and to allow us to see at first hand the partners we will be working with and the community the film is intended for. 

Pre production - throughout the development period we encourage our partners to prepare the ground ahead of time, ready for a crew to arrive. Before filming, we usually allow two or three weeks of pre-production for final filming location choices, finding participants, planning transport, getting permissions from community leaders etc.

Production - we usually allow four weeks for a 45 - 60mins film. This is to allow for difficult road transport, working with local people who need time to continue their normal lives and working through a translator at all times.

 Post production - editors remain the field working alongside translators and we screen test our films with local audiences to ensure our films are engaging, entertaining and offer information that is clear, appropriate and helpful. Often these screen tests offer us the chance to assess what skills and tasks a screening facilitator will need to support the film.


GETTING FILMS SEENMaking the films in one thing, getting them seen is another huge task. Dealing with remote villages, power cuts and limited transport we are discovering a variety of solutions to the problems. To find out more CLICK HERE


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We're proud to be offering skills learning to filmmakers whenever we can. We are particularly busy with one group of incredible young people in Sierra Leone who are using film to make a huge difference to their community struggling with Ebola.

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Our 2016 drama from Kenya made especially for those living with cerebral palsy

Based on true events the film aims to change people's perceptions about disability


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Mbeu Yosintha - Seeds of Change

Our latest drama from Malawi dealing with the effects of climate change on remote village life

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How We Work

Find out more about our collaboration process, working with people & supporting them on an equal basis.



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