Malawi Film Distribution Programme 2015

Building on the success of our mobile film festival in Malawi in 2014, Purple Field Productions are planning a follow-up film distribution programme taking our Malawian films to new audiences in the Kasungu district of central western Malawi.
We will recruit a UK Representative to spend a month in the summer of 2015 working with and training a Local Distribution Manager and Assistant in the use of a solar powered backpack cinema kit. They will carry out a two week distribution programme involving NGO’s and contacts already established by our UK based Programme Coordinator.
Following this the local team will continue with further screenings and facilitated discussions.
We will also appoint a Malawian based Purple Field Productions Representative who together with the UK Representative will develop a film distribution programme to include various government ministries and other NGO’s as well as screenings on national TV, long distance buses and local video shops.
We aim to put in place a long term strategy to ensure the information and messages in our films have an opportunity to reach those that need them most in Malawi.

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