Future View Film Group

Future View Film Group

We encountered a small group of filmmakers in 2013 when we were filming our first film in Sierra Leone. A remarkable group of six enthusiastic individuals who met as a film club in a small building with plenty of imagination, energy and drive - just no equipment! Four years on and our support is paying off. The group now has over 30 members and they are now defining the roles they are happy in and creating great team projects that genuinely making a huge difference to their local communities.

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2017 Disabilty Not Inability

The group are currently in development phase of their newest project - inspired by PFP's other disability rights films - which is tackling the stigma surrounding individuals and families living with disability.


The group's experience is developing too and this project is very much driven by their energy and commitment. We are supporting as bet we can with limited resources and funding.

Currently the Docu-Drama script is in development and filming is planned for the end of November 2017.


Editing and scriptwriting - even during the Ebola crisis - was a feature of our training work with Future View. Using SKYPE (when the internet allows) we were able to continue to help the team develop their skills and ideas. The team now have a growing equipment store but are in need of updated laptops and cameras in order to fulfil their dreams.

The last training session involved the team BEING the production team of our latest agricultural info documentary. Working with PFP Associate Producer Sam Liebmann (who met the group originally) the filmmakers presented themselves incredibly professionally and we think the town of Makeni can genuinely count itself lucky - they have a production company!

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Our work with equal rights

Future View have been inspired by our work with Disability Rights groups in both Africa and Asia. Especially in tackling the social stigma of difficult conditions like Cerebral Palsy which is often misunderstood in rural communities.

Find out more about our work with Cerebral Palsy. Click on Grace - the central figure in our latest drama from Kenya.






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Musical Success

Beginning in the early days with music videos Future View have contributed enormous educational support to their community during the Ebola crisis. Even catching the attention of the Prince of Wales. He was so impressed he made a short video speaking directly to the group.


Film & Farming

The group are working hard to create material that will help communities recover from the Ebola crisis. This includes music videos, information films and drama.

Most recently members of the group became our film crew for the newest farming information film 

Cassava Is A Winner is aimed at farmers wanting to improve their crop yields.


It's also aimed at families who want to learn how to use Cassava in many different ways - even (as one young mother in the film discovers) making money out of Cassava ice cream!


You can watch the film on our channel