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Where few cinemas have gone before!

Day 7 saw the cinema team taking the rucksack cinema to Thotomsinje in Malawi. As you can see by the terrain, this village would not get a lot of visits for the purpose of showing a film.

Field Officer Jericho and his assistant Lameck crossing some of the more challenging terrain

Earlier, there had been a small problem with the pedal-dynamo and a local craftsman was able to do a bit of maintenance so that the tour could continue.

Generating sparks with the angle grinder

With Electric Pedals in Malawi – Part 2

Film screening in Usisya, Malawi

“Having joined the amazing Temwa staff in Usisya, Malawi, we launched the Purple Field Productions (PFP) pedal powered cinema to the local villagers. 150 people came to see a PFP film about conservation agriculture, which, using local people as actors, demonstrates different method of farming to help increase crop yields. The film was well received and generated much debate.”

Ingrid Hesling, 6th June 2013

With Electric Pedals in Malawi

“We safely arrived in Mzuzu and hit the ground running with a demonstration of the pedal power cinema to Plan Malawi in Mzuzu this morning.

Moyo powering the rucksack cinema

Plan Malawi are hoping to be involved with Purple Field Productions (PFP) proposed Malawi Mobile Film Festival next year which is great news.

Staff of Plan Malawi watching ULIMI

Tomorrow we are off to Temwa’s Usisya office to work out the logistics required to begin the distribution of PFP ULIMI films to new audiences. We will be staying in tents on Lake Malawi!”

Ingrid Hesling, 5th June 2013