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Latest PFP film to premiere at The Watershed in Bristol

the pactMawa Langa (My Tomorrow), a groundbreaking HIV and AIDS educational film, is to premiere at the Watershed in Bristol on Sunday 9th May at 12.30 p.m. in the presence of the Malawi High Commisioner.

Malawian primary school children star in this drama which deals with common issues relating to HIV & AIDS. Children watching the film are encouraged to think about, and to discuss, what steps they can take to protect themselves from contracting the disease.

Mawa Langa was specially created for children in Malawi. In a country where national HIV prevalence is 14%, there is only a 1% prevalence rate of HIV amongst children aged 5-12, this age group has been called a ‘window of hope’. If these children can be taught how to protect themselves against HIV & AIDS before they reach puberty, the result could be a dramatic overall reduction in the prevalence of the disease.

Following screening at the premiere in Bristol, the audience will be invited to put questions to an expert panel comprising the Director & Producer of the film; HIV & AIDS experts and the Malawi High Commissioner to the UK.

Mawa Langa has been made by Purple Field Productions in association with Temwa and YONECO.