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Purple Field Productions is a small UK charity that specialises in producing films to support community development in some of the poorest countries in the world. Since 2004 we've worked with communities in Africa & Asia to produce award-winning documentaries, dramas and educational films that have covered health, disability & welfare, agriculture & conservation.


Our films aim to support communities in poorer countries, giving people a voice and highlighting social issues that affect them.

A Purple Field Productions film offers vital information and an opportunity for communities to help themselves and make a real difference to people's lives.

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All films are made in the local language. This is a crucial element in our work

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Annual Report

THE ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2016 can be found here

Annual Report 2016



Find out what is happening in the field where our films and network of filmmakers are working to make a difference.





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Our Film In Kenya

THE UNKNOWN is a drama, made in Kenya,  challenging the suspicion and fear surrounding children with cerebral palsy.

Working in association with Cerebral Palsy Africa this work is having a huge positive affect on the lives of families and communities living with cerebral palsy

We are currently creating a page about our important work with CPA. Check back for more details soon.